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Pinturas M. González

Special treatments and coating

Liquid paint & powder coating

We carry out all types of liquid paint processes, applying the option that best suits each surface (including the full range of primers, intermediate layers and finishes), including metal (new or abrasive blasted metals) and plastic surfaces.

To this end, we have specialised technical advisory services, large format cabins (16,000 x 5,000 x 5,000), state-of-the-art paint application equipment and highly qualified staff that carry out the various processes.

Powder coating

Powder coating is applied by mechanically spraying dust particle resins which attached themselves to surface to be painted by means of an electrostatic charge that thermally polymerises the particles at a temperature of 220ºC. 

The advantages of this application are the paint’s excellent levels of hardness and degree of adherence to various types of metal.  

Our company boasts one of Spain’s largest and most up-to-date powder coating facilities, enabling us to handle customers’ demands for the coating of small and large items of up to 12,500 mm, whilst guaranteeing top quality finishes.
Pinturas M. González

Abrasive blasting

This is a cleaning process used on metal surfaces. It consists of metal particles being sprayed onto a surface at a pressure of 11 bar which clean the surface down to the white metal or any other current standard. This process is carried out in manually operated cabins in our facilities.   

The blasting cabins measure 16,000x5,000x5,000, thereby allowing us to clean large items.