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Pinturas M. González



We treat all kinds of flooring for industry and other sectors, including the food industry, which requires special processes using water-based paint.  In the case of industrial flooring we apply epoxy, polyurethane, self-levelling resins, etc.

Careful prior preparation of the surface is the key to guaranteeing an impeccable finish. In this sense, we have mechanical treatment equipment (abrasive blasters, closed circuit milling machines, sanders, etc.) which we use for these preparatory phases before finalising the process with the multiple painting systems currently available on the market.

Anti-corrosion protection

We protect all kinds of metal surfaces against corrosion. We also provide full treatment for corroded surfaces including on-site sand blasting or cabin abrasive blasting which will eliminate the corrosion and enable us to apply specific corrective treatments for each surface, following due consultation with our specialised technical team who monitor each phase of the process.

Passive fire protection

The evolution of the building sector and new regulations have led us to offer carefully thought-out protection options and use fire resistant and intumescent paint of sufficient thickness to ensure compliance with the aforementioned legal regulations. 

These special paints are applied to structural elements, providing protection against the devastating effects of the flame and the spread of the fire.